Thursday, November 14, 2013

It is Soccer season and I dislike soccer for several different reasons. Soccer is 90 minutes long and is split into two 45-minute halves. But, instead of counting down from 45 minutes every half, they count up from 0 to 45 and then from 45 to 90 in the second half. This requires fans to do math to find out how much time until halftime or the end of the game. And doing math is one thing that we hated doing the most. This a sport also penalizes people for barely touching the opponent and encourages players to take more dives then Michael Phelps. That's just ridiculous to me, you have to stay on that person to get the ball back. We are already having a problem with America, we already completely saturated with sports. It is hard enough to support NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL teams. There is simply not enough money to go around and since we have been bred to eating, drink and sleep baseball and football since birth. I could not even fathom going to a soccer game and supporting a team. In soccer a player can go an entire game without touching the ball (with the exception of the goalie) and look like he did his job. The fact that there are quiet a few ties and sometimes barely even overtime in soccer is the most frustration thing about the game. The number one reason why I hate it is because it takes way to long to make a goal and some games they don't even score at all, why would anyone want to give up two-hours of their life and see nothing in return? Many people don't like soccer because it isn't as exciting as Football and Basketball, it's just basically a slow Boeing game that involves running and a ball. Running back and forth, running back and forth, kick and miss, running back and forth, it just is not interesting to me. Oh, look, they are running the other way again and...and...they kicked the ball! Nope. Running back the other direction. Playing soccer takes a lot of running, soccer players run seven to nine miles in ONE game, way more than any basketball, football, or baseball player can. Soccer players need speed, stamina, and lots of energy to stay in the game. This one is tough, because in a lot of ways it's really just a matter of opinion. And we're all entitled to our opinions.